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Larssen sheet piles are an ideal solution for the construction of hydraulic engineering structures, underground operations in unstable soils and high level of groundwater, and for construction of retention walls during the construction of roads.

We are engaged in the supply of high-quality steel sheet piles from Germany, Czech Republic, and Russia, which has proved themselves over the many decades at all kinds of facilities in Europe.

thyssenkrupp Infrastructure LLP offers the sheet piles of the following section configurations:

  • Trough type
  • Z-type
  • Combined (pipe – sheet pile – pipe)
  • Used sheet piles

Below are the most popular sheet pile sections of trough type and their characteristics:

  • Angle sections for connection of sheet piles at different angles
  • Vibrators and other construction machinery and attachments for piles driving and extraction

In general, the standard depth of sheet pile driving is up to 12 metres. If it is necessary to increase the depth, an additional section is welded to the product. When soil pressure exceeds the strength of the enclosing, the trench beams are installed in the pit. Pit wall waterproofing is ensured by the filling of inter-pile grooves with a special sealant.

Larssen sheet piles are sold by thyssentrupp Infrastructure at the most affordable price. The fundamental factors for the product final cost are the steel grade, length, and the scope of supply. Please contact us if you want to buy Larssen L5 sheet piles profitably. We guarantee adequate cost, production quality and prompt service!

Our representative office in Russia cooperates with the technical office in Germany. Thus we can professionally choose the sheet pile that is most suitable for your project, make static calculations and prepare the process sequence for production. Larssen L4 piles sold by our company have a reliable locking system making it possible to use it repeatedly without losing the strength of the connection.

Additional features

By Customer’s request we can additionally equip the sheet piles with special seals, which will ensure a high level of water tightness. Anticorrosive additives are used at the risk of structure corrosion.

For individual systems, it is recommended to order Larssen 5 sheet piles pressed into double or triple packs.

Sheet pile immersion and driving methods

Sheet pile immersion into the soil can be done by several methods:

Pressing, which requires the use of compact equipment, is very silent and environmentally friendly method. Sheet pile driving is performed mechanically using the hammer. Vibration driving is an option that ensures the possibility of repeated use.

Larssen sheet piles are mandatory components for construction of underground, hydraulic and engineering facilities that require a strong, high-quality and watertight connection. In comparison with finger joint, interlocking is much more profitable. This is due to a simpler and easier installation, economical efficiency, and reliability of joints and possibility to combine it with screws.

Technology of use

The sheet pile is an assembled construction element. In the process of its mounting, it is inserted into a special lock and then driven in. Due to this consistent installation, a continuous sheet pile wall is obtained, immersed in soil. Specifications of the obtained barrier are very high and all loads are distributed in the required proportions. Sheet pile support is used for example to prevent the collapse of the pit walls in geologically demanding areas.

Our offer

thyssenkrupp Infrastructure offers you to purchase Larssen sheet piles, the price of which is quite affordable, and the quality meets European standards. High chemical and mechanical properties of steel are confirmed by manufacturer's certificate. The structure and type of locking system of hot-rolled Larssen pile 4 and 5 are made in accordance with E 67, DIN EN 10248-2, EAU 1996.

Product Advantages

Having carefully studied the features of our products you will understand that you will profit from buying from us. thyssenkrupp Infrastructure products have the following advantages:

Certificate of the Russian Federation State Committee for Construction, Architectural and Housing Policy. Excellent quality of steel. Practical geometry. Deformation is impossible even with the long length of the system installed. Our Larssen sheet piles may be bought at a profitable price. A wide range of products. Prompt and convenient loading of products.

We sell:

Steel sheet piles produced in Germany: Larssen, Hoesch, Union, Peiner. Steel sheet piles produced in the Czech Republic: VL, TKL.